BMW 316I E30 1989. Coupe

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Production year 1989


BMW 316I E30 1989. Coupe

BMW 316i E30
Year: 1989
Mileage: 189,000 km
Capacity: 1600 cm³
Fuel type: gasoline
Gearbox: manual
Power: 102 hp

Price: PLN 33,000

The subject of this announcement is my BMW 316i e30 coupe 1989.

The car is in very good condition for its years. Version without sunroof, small cosmetic painting treatments were done in the car, there are no putty on the car, as indicated by various types of meter measurements. The recesses or sensitive places known in this model are rust-free. The car has beautiful colors, brown falling into gold from the outside, brown interior and brown windows. The varnish has been protected by a high-class ceramic coating, and plastics or strips have a special protective agent. The chromes that regained their glow were also polished, an invisible doormat was placed on all windows.

Everything works in the car. Although the equipment is poor, it gives the climate. The engine got a seasonal oil packet of fluid filters. The car is fully functional and ready for the next kilometers, which are constantly growing, because as you can see the weather is good. The car is garaged all the time, it does not see bad weather or rain.

The interior is very well preserved, there are no holes, no abrasions. Brown rugs also add a climate, everything is complete.

Please remember that despite the dignified condition, it has tiny shortcomings adequate to age. BMW gives a lot of joy and draws attention to itself, often passers-by show okay saying that there are fewer and fewer such.

To sum up, this is a really interesting copy. Despite its small capacity and poor equipment, it enjoys and loves the climate. The smell also remained. Complete, fit, willing to ride, healthy. I add 2 sets of sunflags from the year and two original BMW canisters (one smaller, the other larger) to the car. A rear shutter from PDK Classic has been installed, selected in the color of the sides. I invite those willing to inspect. Test drive, of course, after showing cash.

Best regards, I will naturally send more photos by email or Messenger.

Phone: +48 665 509 383
Town: Polkowice


Lower Silesia, Poland