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Good day. With the arrival of spring for sale "cool, thoroughbred roadster - TOYOTA MR 2 convertible enters. One of the last real analog sports convertible. An uncompromising machine for everyone who can and wants to appreciate its unique beauty and the pure essence of sports driving with wind in their hair.
Time for a portion of facts:

Produced in 2002; in Poland since 2005; After a long search, the car hit my hands directly from Toyota dealer in Bielsko-Biała, where it was owned by one of the station managers. My attention was immediately drawn to the perfect visual and technical condition that I maintain to this day. The car was covered by the Certain Auto program and the annual warranty. I have a varnish thickness measurement report made by the dealer at the time of purchase. In my hands it remained unchanged. I didn't use Toyota in winter or in bad weather; then she spent time in the garage or under a special tarpaulin (I add to the car). It was used only for long weekend rides. It is pedantically maintained in every respect; regularly serviced (documentation) and washed and cleaned. WITHOUT CROWN. Prepared for many years of trouble-free operation. Interesting facts (at least for me) very low combustion remains - in a mixed cycle I have never managed to go beyond the 8 liters / 100 km border.
The car is absolutely great on the road - driving experience (especially after winding corners) is sensational. Direct, very responsive steering, suspension and position behind the wheel cause feelings compared to driving a fast, narrative go-kart that wants to listen to us all the time and undergo orders...

You can write for a long time... It's best to experience it in person. I invite you...


Masovia, Poland
Pruszków, 05-800